Benefits seeing yourself again

Record your life story

Our life is made up of  series of events.

Each of these events have their own story.

Either they are memorable, significant or not so special.

A life story book gathers all the stories significant to you and places them in an album which highlights all your meaningful memories in your life.

The whole process of making a life story book allows you to re-experience them from a different perspective.

And I can come beside you to help with this project so that you don’t have to tackle it all on your own.


Where do we meet for a free consultation?

I am happy to come to visit you because your home is where your life is and you probably feel more comfortable there.

But if you prefer to meet me somewhere else, please let me know.


How far do you travel?

I travel within Christchurch.  

Please let me know if you live outside Christchurch.  

I will see if I can accommodate to your needs. 


What services do you offer?

I offer to assist you in making your life story book with your photos and your life stories.

Your photos are precious and personal belongings.

I promise I will be careful when I handle your photos and your privacy will be respected.

Photo shoot session is included in all services.

Whether formal or casual or short or lengthy session, bring your loved ones to your session to record the people you admire.


How do I write a book about my life experiences?

Most people say writing your own story is not easy.

But only you can write your story in your own way.

Imagine yourself sitting down with your close friends or grandchildren and suddenly they want to hear the stories from your life.

You ponder on what comes up in your mind first and you start as your mind flows in very simple short sentences.

Your story goes back and forth as your thoughts follow but as you look at your listeners you realise they are interested about your story.

In this way start writing to your imaginary listener.


I still find it hard to start writing my story?

Instead of gathering everything into one book you could focus on a particular topic or a period of time like Christmas memories book or My teen years.

Then you could add more to your series.


What sort of life story book do you offer?

I offer Flush mount albums which are archival and durable album for you and your next generations. 

Other types of books are available also. I only select items I am happy to offer to you.

So please feel comfortable about the quality of items I am offering


Can you restore some of my old photos?

Photos can be restored even if they are aged and discoloured.


How do I dress for a photo shoot?

Ideal clothing for a photo shoot would be something that makes you stand out from the background and colours that suit your skin tone.

The safe side is muted tones that are quiet.

For a group, choose 2-3 colors with similar tones for clothing.