Life story book Christchurch

Life stories are the most fascinating stories to listen to.

Stories of adventures, difficulties, happy times and tragedies.

We can learn from how they clothed themselves through their experiences.

I would like to thank all the kind and down to earth people I have met.

This image is my big sister and me.

A fire look out tower and a community hall are behind us.


Life story book Christchurch

This is me on the tricycle.

This is my life story book, my memoir.

Rice fields and a river were our playground.

We spent hours crouching with our feet in water observing and catching little creatures in the river.

My mum would send me to a little shop around a corner for breakfast bread in some weekends and this shop keeper would always give me a loaf of bread and a bag of lollies.

On the way home my mouth was sweet and my legs were busy skipping.

My days were more preoccupied playing than studying during my primary years.

As a result I could not put my hand up when my teacher asked to see if we finished our homework.

 Each time when I turn the pages I find myself smiling back at the photos and they remind me of times I appreciate the most.

Would you like to make your life story book or life story video?

I am happy to help you.

Send me an email to reach me.

Let’s work together to create your memoir.